February 27, 2024
College Application Essay

Finally, it is time to impress your college’s admissions committee with an outstanding application essay. You have completed all the application materials and taken all the exams.

Five hundred words is the typical length of an application essay, and those words can make the difference between admission and rejection. Admissions officers will only read your essay briefly after you have spent several days researching and writing, so you need to pique their interest.

1. Read the instructions carefully.

The most difficult part of an essay, they say, is its beginning. While you may feel it unnecessary to point out the need to read the instructions carefully, it is necessary to do so given the excitement and tension surrounding this time in your life.

The admissions officer may conclude that you can meet the requirements of the college program only if you follow the application essay rules. There are page and word limits for a reason, so you need to be able to structure your proposal while adhering to the guidelines.

You can start outlining your essay and decide what message you want to convey after reading the instructions several times and compiling your notes. You can now begin writing your first draft.

2. Start with a strong introduction.

Writing well is difficult, but doable if you approach it wisely. Anyone who works in journalism will tell you that you can capture the interest of any reader if you have a strong beginning.

Since the admissions committee will only read through your essay briefly, you should begin with a compelling paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. The reader’s attention needs to be drawn to the topic of your essay in the introduction, and he or she needs to be captivated. You can start by telling a funny or interesting incident that illustrates some of the best qualities of your personality and character. This will help the admissions committee members better understand who you are.

3. Listen to your intuition

Do not try to structure your essay based on words or concepts that have been used many times before, but focus on your sincere beliefs, because universities are looking for authenticity and quality of thoughts.

In your application essay, you can demonstrate to admissions officers your commitment and deep understanding of your chosen topic. Show how your chosen major will help you achieve your future goals and make sure it reflects all your talents and ambitions.

4. Avoid clichés.

You are encouraged to look at some outstanding essay examples for inspiration when researching your application essay. Although this is a good practice, many students are overly influenced by the examples and use many clichés to impress the admissions committee.

Remember that thousands of other students are applying to the college you want to attend, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Reread your essay, cross out phrases that seem too familiar, and look for a fresher approach.

Admissions staff review hundreds of applications each year, so it’s only logical that they pay attention to those that stand out. Let them figure it out!

5. Support your arguments with powerful examples.

An application essay offers insight into your mindset and worldview. Make sure that everything you write supports that point of view if you want your essay to be credible. Consider how the essay question relates to your character traits before deciding on a point of view.

This means that when you want to explain a concept, do not simply state a fact, but give specific examples and details to support your argument. You can write about what inspires you, how you came to a particular point of view, and give examples from your own experiences.

6. Stick to a precise essay plan.

Although creativity is a trait that is highly valued in writing, few believe that a creative essay can also be well organized. Make sure that you write about one topic at a time, because you do not want to write meaningless words.

The most important thing is that you do not cover every topic in your essay, because you have only a certain number of words. Before you start writing:

  • Establish a strategy.
  • Divide your essay into introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Choose the main points you want to address.

7. Ask for assistance in proofreading your paper.

You’ll probably read your college application several times to make sure it does not contain typos, spelling or grammatical errors, because you want to write a top-notch application. But at some point, you might need another angle. Ask someone who has not seen the application to review it, as they are more likely to spot errors than you are.

If you ask a teacher or parent to proofread your essay, they can find errors and determine if your voice comes through in the text. It is difficult to determine if what you just wrote reflects your true personality after reading so many examples and following all those guidelines. Ask others for help to make sure your essay is error-free.

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