July 21, 2024
The 10 most popular French publishing houses in 2018

You have finished writing your manuscript and are ready to send it to an editor. Yes, but which one? And how ? In what form ?

You can’t take a complete “editing house list” and send your manuscript to all the names on it.

You need to make a selection from this list of publishers based on each publisher’s editorial policy and their own peer review procedures. Otherwise, you run the risk of addressing the wrong person or in the wrong form. All of this takes time and money.

Here we help you with the 10 most popular publishers so you can find the right publisher for you. These are the 10 most sought-after publishers by authors . We will detail the editorial preferences of each of them and tell you where and how to send them your manuscript.

The famous publishing house was created in 1911 by André Gide, Jean Schlumberger and Gaston Gallimard. It was then the editions of the NRF (New French Review). Today, it is part of the Madrigall group, France’s third largest editorial division.

Books : Albums, Fine Arts, Fine Books, Biographies, Literary Criticism, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Essays, Tourist Guides, History, French Literature, Foreign Literature, Paperbacks, Children’s Books, Educational Manuals, Extracurricular, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Crime, Science Fiction, Psychoanalysis, Religions, Literary Reviews and Human Sciences Reviews, Society (current events / politics), Theatre.

The house does not accept the sending of manuscripts by e-mail , except those intended for children’s literature. It publishes around 800 titles each year .

Flammarion editions were founded in 1875 by Ernest Flammarion. Since 2012, they have been part of the Madrigall group like the Gallimard editions.

Books : Albums, Arts, Fine Books, Biographies, Essays, Classical Literature, French Literature, Foreign Literature, Children’s Books, Photography, Detective Novels, Historical Novels, Human Sciences, Society (current / political documents), Practical Guides , Humor, Practical life, Medicine, Sciences, Theatre, Poetry, Magazines.

In general, note that Flammarion editions publish very few collections of short stories and poetry and no autobiographies, but essentially fictions of more than 100 pages.

For manuscripts concerning the Literature, Illustrated Books and Children’s Departments:
You must deposit or send by post your typed and bound manuscript to the address above, manuscripts department, clearly specifying the department concerned, in addition, preferably, use a minimum font size of 12 , leave double-spaced and print on an A4 format .

Also note that the Reading Committee does not review documents that are mere excerpts or synopses, as it only reviews completed works.

After reading (the deadline is about three months), you will receive a response, whether positive or negative. If the answer is negative, you will have the possibility, using the coupon accompanying the letter, to come and collect your manuscript or to send the necessary postage stamps for its return.

For more information, send a message

For the Human Sciences department , you should send, by email only, the synopsis of the project, as well as your CV, to the following email address:

The Milan editions were created in 1980, in Toulouse, by a group of friends, Patrice Amen, Alain Oriol, Bernard Grimaud and Michel Mazéries. They were bought by the Bayard group in 2004.

Editions Milan mainly publish books for young people, but they are also interested in philosophy and sociology.

You must send your manuscript in paper form , as emails are not accepted.
Albums/Tales and early learning department: manuscripts department, 18, rue Barbès, 92128 Montrouge cedex.
BD Kids label: 18, rue Barbès, 92128 Montrouge cedex.

For 3 to 6 year olds, album texts must be between 1,500 and 13,000 characters.
For 6 to 17 year olds, stories or novels must be between 1,000 and 50,000 characters, depending on the age group targeted.

“Milan magazines are creating a wonderful written dialogue! They support children in the major stages of their life and their construction. They really relate to the children while giving a hand to the parents. Reading them is a promise to live, together, a beautiful crossing. Child and parent, carried by the magazine, are teammates on the same sailboat. All children have a prodigious capacity to want to learn; Milan Presse knows the basics and is keen to encourage it. All Milan magazines provide access to a base of knowledge, emotional adventures, positive models that open up infinite perspectives.

Milan has confidence in the talent of children and gives confidence to all children… And to their parents . »

Baudelaire editions were created in 2007 in Lyon. As a partner of the publisher, the Hachette group distributes the works that the publisher publishes.

Baudelaire editions do not offer self-publishing . The publisher and author share the cost of printing and distribution.

The submission of the manuscript can be done by e-mail or by post .
The examination by the reading committee is very fast, within eight days, and the response is also very fast, within 15 days.

Editions de Minuit were created in 1941, in Paris, during the German occupation, by Jean Bruller and Pierre de Lescure. Their first published book is the famous “Le silence de la mer”, written by Jean Bruller, under the pseudonym of Vercors.

Editions de Minuit publishes essays as well as novels and theatre. In general, the publisher pays particular attention to works of high editorial quality and expressing an original thought.

Editions de Minuit only accept complete paper manuscripts and it will take you two months to get an answer by mail.
Editions de Minuit have three Nobel Prizes in their catalog:

Hachette editions were created in 1826, when Louis Hachette acquired the Parisian bookshop Brédif. Since 1981, Hachette has been one of the two pillars of the Lagardère group. Under the name of Hachette Publishing, the group’s publishing activities place it third in the world. Hachette Publishing brings together the brands Armand Colin, Dunod , Stock , Fayard , Grasset , Larousse , Calmann-Lévy and Le Livre de Poche.


Hachette editions cover all areas of publishing: education, youth, practice, novels, illustrated books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc

Hachette Livre brings together a large number of publishers and collections present on a “publishing house list”. Everyone has their editorial policy, therefore, you must get closer to each of them, to better meet their expectations.

To contact, for example, Hachette Education, go to the general Hachette Livre website, then to the “edit” tab and finally to the specialized publisher you are looking for, in this case, Hachette Education.

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