July 21, 2024
5 good reasons to study abroad

Going abroad to study cannot be improvised  ! Here are 5 that are the ones to remember.

Learn a foreign language

 And what better way to learn a foreign language than total immersion  ? The continuous practice of a language with the natives of the country is the best way to master it.

 An invaluable asset for recruiters . Besides the professional advantage, mastering other languages ​​will make it easier for you to make friends and why not settle in the country later! But do not have any illusions, even on the spot it takes time to become a polyglot.

A stay of one year being of course the ideal .

Do you want to meet foreign universities or establishments offering international courses?

Personal fulfillment guaranteed

Left to your own devices, this journey into unknown territory will make you gain in maturity . A unique experience to gain self-confidence  ! You will learn to know yourself better but also to open up to others. Strengthened by your many encounters and your brand new resourcefulness, you will come back transformed .

Learn differently

The teaching methods are not the same elsewhere than here, at home! For example, in Anglo-Saxon countries, teachers encourage personal reflection when presenting lessons.

Similarly, homework is not handwritten but all typed on the computer, as in professional life!

Do not panic: you will surely be up to it. If you are accepted into a foreign school , it usually means that you are a good student. Indeed, the selection is most often made on file and according to the motivation displayed.

Enhance your CV

The ultimate goal of studying abroad is to showcase one’s education. In the era of globalization , an international background is more valuable for the recruiter. It shows that you are autonomous , open-minded with a certain intellectual curiosityIn addition, this experience abroad will be the way to differentiate yourself from others and make it easier for you to find a place in the job market. Don’t forget to include it on your resume  !

For others, on the other hand, the initiative seems perilous and requires courage. It is true that the obstacles exist  : choice of training, health insurance , high cost of travel and residence in the foreign country…

For a majority of students, a little cautious about the accumulation of this paperwork , there is a solution: exchange programs, the best known of which is Erasmus  On the other hand, do not expect to be able to leave at short notice. In this area, no miracle: a departure for foreign countries is in preparation. So count at leastone year before the scheduled departure date

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