July 21, 2024
What can I study abroad?

Although this is common, it is by no means the only way to study abroad. In fact, you can study abroad at almost any level of your education, even if you haven’t been to school in years!

High school

You don’t even have to be at university level to study abroad. You can do anything from a summer program abroad for a few weeks to a year-long exchange. Studying abroad in high school could be a great way to set yourself apart when applying for college, and it’s good life practice to live on your own.

Foundation Programs / Pathway Programs

The Foundation and Pathway programs are post-secondary programs you can take after high school to better prepare for college. If you want to study abroad, you might be eligible to take part in a foundation or bridge program that will help you master the language and teach you about the education system of that particular country, which will then allow you to thrive. in your study abroad program. !

Associate degrees

Associate’s degrees are degrees from undergraduate universities that could be a stepping stone before the bachelor’s degree, or for other students, is a qualification in itself. Although more common in the United States, you can also find these programs in other countries. They often last two years and can be a great opportunity to study abroad before earning a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s degrees

Studying abroad for a semester or a year during your undergraduate degree can be a great way to supplement the education you get in your home country – but it’s not the only way to study abroad. during your license! You could also do your full license (3-4 years) abroad.  You also don’t need to go during the school year – a summer program at your level might be perfect if you don’t have time to spend a semester or an entire year abroad.


Did you complete your baccalaureate at home? It’s never too late to study abroad. Discover masters from all over the world! Depending on your field of study, going abroad for your master’s could be what you need to stand out in the job market and could allow you to gain good internship or work experience in another country. Whether you want to earn an MBA or a Masters in Anthropology, there’s sure to be a great program abroad for you.

Doctorates and doctorates

Pursue the highest level of study abroad. PhD programs are often quite small and competitive, and sometimes only have one or two places open each year. If you can’t find positions in your home country, looking abroad could be a great way to further your education and expose yourself to new schools of thought and experts in your field.

Language schools

Are you looking to master a new language? It might be time to continue this training abroad. There’s simply no replacement for interacting with locals as opposed to self-learning from your home. If you really want to be fluent, consider a language school abroad.

Certificates and diplomas

If you’re looking to study a very specific skill or just want to pursue a unique passion, a certificate or degree program abroad might be just what you’re looking for. Take a pastry class in France or get a degree in digital marketing. Studying abroad for these short courses could be a great thing to put on your CV to advance in the job market and learn a new skill.

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