April 13, 2024
Studying in a high school in England in 5 points!

Going to study in an English high school is a very popular wish among young French high school students, and for good reason! Going to study in England is a lot of positives!

Published on 11.04.2019 Studying at a high school in EnglandMany young French people want to study in a high school in England : it is indeed a very good destination for a first school experience abroad!

Close to France geographically, a rich culture, a very famous school system.

This is why we have decided to share with you the 5 most important points to know to prepare for your departure to a high school in England !

1. Immersion in British

culture English culture has a lot to offer young people: multidisciplinary, rigorous, creative! You will go to class with a uniform, as in some series! But first, english breakfast. Lots of culture with the many palaces and museums to visit. And of course: shopping ! The UK is the perfect place for that: who hasn’t wanted to go shopping in London ?

2. Choose the duration of your program

We are well aware that it may be more difficult for some of you to go abroad . This is why at ISPA we offer 3 adapted program durations! So you can go for 3 months, 6 months or a year in a high school in England .

Those of you going for the first time may prefer to try 3 months abroad while the more adventurous will go for 1 year!

3. In which cities to study in England?

Here again ISPA leaves you spoiled for choice. In order to appeal to as many people as possible, we have selected with our local partners the friendliest cities in England for young French students : Liverpool, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Torquay, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton!

4. How are the lessons in an English high school?

ISPA offers courses in private or public high schools. Accommodation is with a host family for better cultural immersion. In high school , you will follow the same courses as your English friends! It is possible to choose your subjects or even take national exams.

Classes take place in England from Monday to Friday but end much earlier than in France: generally before 4 p.m. Some establishments recommend wearing a uniform!

5. How to go to a high school in England?

Quickly contact the ISPA advisors who can find the best program in England for you . The departure sessions are limited in time: sometimes you have to be quick! Know that the team takes care of everything: registration for high school, accommodation, administration, return to France, etc.

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